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While push marketing remains an important component of any customer acquisition or retention program, pull marketing has become even more so. Often times, consumers have already done much, if not the majority, of their research before reaching out to a salesperson. This is why content marketing has become such a critical part of any marketing program.

Think print is starting to “lose its cool” in the age of digital marketing? Actually, the opposite is true. With the growth of digital, print has solidified its place as a channel that marketers cannot ignore. Here are five print marketing statistics that every marketer should know.

It’s time to step up your game and give your business a marketing boost in advance of Back to School season. The ideal means to do that is to take a better look at the modern printing industry and determine how print can be a significant player that provides your message effectively and brings results.

Promotional flyers are cost-effective, high impact marketing essentials that help small businesses quickly and easily promote local events, products and services. A high quality flyer goes a long way in attracting a captive audience, which can only help you get people in the door.